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OrderInsite™ was founded to level the playing field on drug pricing for community, specialty and hospital pharmacy. Our solutions enable more sophisticated inventory management and superior market insights, to help our customers maximize profits and provide excellent customer service.
Over 84% of drugs prescribed today are generic. The industry projects this number will increase. Factors that impact the pricing and availability of generic drugs can have significant impacts on profitability and customer satisfaction for pharmacies. Our solutions help to manage these factors that affect the supply and pricing of generic drugs.
OrderInsite™ provides our customers integrated solutions with their existing practice management systems, head office communication and management systems, and ordering and inventory systems. Automatic bi-directional data feeds between your systems and our cloud based systems allow us to provide our solutions to you through the power and convenience of the Web. Our solutions are designed to work as a single solution or you may use them collectively to provide the optimal solution for your requirements.
Our algorithms employ sophisticated predictive analytics utilizing historical demand patterns, real-time pricing and predicted availability to deliver precise quantities to optimize inventory levels that maximize profits and improve customer satisfaction. Our solutions provide workflow tools and advanced reporting to help our customers significantly improve processes for overall inventory management.
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