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How it Works
OI Count™ analyzes dispensing activity and on-hand quantities to identify inventory items for specific on hand counts. Once the list of items is formulated, work lists are then distributed to each store for items that need to be physically counted.
Once the counts are performed, results are recorded and compared to existing on-hand amounts in the pharmacy system. Discrepancies between physical counts and on-hand quantities in the system are then identified for follow up and research.
This consistent, data driven approach puts more control in the hands of management and leads to optimal inventory levels, customer service and profit.
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OI Replenish™
Most pharmacies lack the tools and visibility to accurately manage their inventory and instead rely on inconsistent methods of setting quantities and re-order points.
OI Exchange™
To fully optimize their investment and responsiveness to customers, pharmacies need to have a full chain wide view of their prescription drug inventory.
OI Analyze™
Analyze™ is a powerful cloud based analytics engine that easily integrates with a pharmacies existing systems to provide advanced reporting at a reasonable price.
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