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Solution Description
OI Replenish™ uses sophisticated algorithms to simplify the determination of appropriate inventory levels by setting optimal order/re-order points and quantities.
OI Replenish™'s proprietary algorithms take into account specific drug demand history and external market factors (such as price and availability) and provide simple easy to understand solutions that reduce overall carrying costs of your inventory while maintaining necessary levels to meet customer demand.
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OI Exchange™
To fully optimize their investment and responsiveness to customers, pharmacies need to have a full chain wide view of their prescription drug inventory.
OI Count™
Count™ establishes a data-driven and consistent methodology that selects specific inventory items for physical count and distributes these work orders to each store on a periodic basis.
OI Analyze™
Analyze™ is a powerful cloud based analytics engine that easily integrates with a pharmacies existing systems to provide advanced reporting at a reasonable price.
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